Having mobile devices with the ability to take pictures was seen as a threat to the professional photography businesses by a lot of people.  Despite the anticipation, professional photography businesses are still profitable.  The reason for this is because just because you have a mobile phone with a camera, you are not automatically qualified to be a professional photographer. Commercial photographers are persons with the technical expertise of taking photos.  The photography duties performed by professional My Photos Forever photographers are as follows.


Marriage ceremony photography. Every couple wants to keep the memory of their wedding day.   Pictures are a great way of storing memories. Hence couples acquire the services of commercial photographer to take pictures during the wedding event.  Wedding photos are not only taken at the time for set for taking pictures, but the professional photography has to keep taking pictures throughout the event.  Commercial photographer aim is to translate the happiness in the wedding into great pictures to be stored in the couple's album for future viewing. Some commercial photographers act as freelancers to wedding taking photos which they later sell to the wedding couples and any other interested persons.


Taking of company's' official pictures.  Photographers for hire also extend their services to businesses.  Companies have albums of pictures taken by professional photography in all their official events.  Also, professional photographers take pictures of the company's products and operations for advertisement purposes.  Products pictures have to be eye-catching making it essential to hire professional photographers.  Marketing media designed by professional photographer are usually uploaded to the company website.


Professional photographers also offer their services to the detectives.  Their role is to take pictures of accidents or crime locations.  Crime scenes tend to be very messy, making it important to have a stable, composed and consistent photographer.  Crime or accident scene photos will be used for further inspection and may be forward to courts.  To know more about photography, visit


Pets photography.  Animal photography shops are also becoming an investment made by commercial photographers. The pets' lovers will usually take their cats, dogs or other pets to the studio for the photographer to take photos of them.   The owner can also instruct the photographer to frame the pet's pictures to be displayed at the office or the house of the client.



My Photos Forever wedding photographer Manchester are also considered to be commercial photographer also their work may be considered to be unethical.  Paparazzi usually involves taking pictures of popular people such music stars without their consent.  The photos are usually bought by news rooms such as TV stations and the celebrity followers.  Also, paparazzi blackmail prominent people by taking pictures that may tarnish their names.